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Welcome to One Spot Media | Myrtle Beach Marketing Firm | 843-492-5056
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Welcome to One Spot Media


Why One Spot Media?marketing

One Spot Media is a full-service marketing company, but unlike a big corporate organization where you pay for lots of overhead, the team at One Spot Media is assembled specific to the needs of each client. Our new media work model is a collaboration between a group of specialists in each area of our expertise.

As a client, you work directly with Todd Cartner as owner and creative director, but behind the scenes a skilled an varied group of talented professionals are brought into each project. Because we work in a virtual office, we are able to deliver powerful products at a much lower cost than most marketing firms.

As an entrepreneur himself, Todd Cartner is passionate and resourceful when it comes to making your business a success.

One Spot Media makes Marketing Simple...and we get great results for each of our clients. 


One Spot Media Services

A common mistake for medium to smaller businesses is trying to do everything yourself rather than playing to your strengths and focusing on what you know best...your business.

Would you try to fix a major water leak yourself or call a good plumber? If you've tried to fix a plumbing problem yourself, you probably know that it would have been far better to call a professional.

Marketing your business requires a professional to get professional results. Trying to develop your own website or even a printed piece can seem overwhelming and distract you from the core of your business. Working with One Spot Media makes marketing simple. We take your passion and ideas for your business and create marketing realities that deliver new customers and continued success for you and your business.

Contact One Spot Media for Marketing. Made Simple. Click Here for more information.


Marketing. Made Simple.

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